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Making a Donation

We are always very touched and grateful when anyone makes a donation to CIOB Assist. If you’d like to make a donation, you can use our donation platform to make a one-off, monthly or yearly donation. You can also donate in memory of a loved one. With your donation we will help CIOB members facing challenges know they are not alone. 


A fun way to help support us is to organise or take part in some fundraising. Take a look at recent fundraising activities by visiting our fundraising page and to get involved in fundraising for us yourself, click ‘Fundraise for us’ at the top of the page.

For those who can give

Every year hundreds of members find themselves facing unexpected challenges. It can be anyone from early career starters to retirees, and as diverse as health issues to financial concerns. And without someone to turn to, their future is uncertain. Which is why we believe in the power of our community to protect our community.

That’s why with your donations we can continue to play this important role in helping our members who need it most. If you can, please support us.


I am currently having regular CBT therapy sessions provided by Anxiety UK through CIOB Assist/Benevolent Fund and I am finding it extremely beneficial. I am so glad I asked for the help as it’s enabled me to get back on track to a normal life.


I can’t describe how much weight this takes me off me, thank you so so much for all your help. This really is a life line for me and my children.

What happens with the funds donated to CIOB Assist?




Staff Costs


Anxiety UK





Grants: Financial support for members, staff and their families when they need it.

Staff Costs: Staff salaries, travel and meeting expenses for Trustee meetings – our staff are here to support members when they need it.

Anxiety UK: Health and wellbeing support including assessment, therapy and additional resources when needed.



Promotion: Marketing and digital costs to promote our services to members globally and encourage them to contact us for support.

Other: Legal fees, statutory audit fees, bank and currency fees, investment management fees.