I have been a Trustee of the then CIOB Benevolent Fund since 2014 and now hold the position of the Chair of the CIOB Assist Board of Trustees – a position I am very proud of.

Since the formation of the CIOB Benevolent Board of Trustees in 1992 – the Board of Trustees have had several past CIOB Presidents serving as Trustees, several of which held the position of the Chair, coupled with many distinguished members of our Institute also serving as Trustees and as Chairs.

Since that time, we have provided a service comprising of practical advice, information, mental health issues and financial assistance to many of our Institute members and their dependent families at times of difficulty worldwide.

The fact that the fund has been resourced and continues to be so entirely by voluntary donations enables the continuation of its work for our members over this last 30 years is indeed a credit to our Institute and it’s members as a whole, and gives CIOB Assist a great foundation to continue this very important work for years to come. To which I give my sincere thanks to all those members of our Institute and the CIOB staff who have and continue to make donations to this fund – it is truly appreciated.

In recent times, more of our CIOB members have found themselves in difficulty with not only their financial status and health but also their mental wellbeing – so I am extremely pleased that CIOB Assist is in partnership with Anxiety UK who are here to help those members and to get them the expert support that they need and deserve.

At this time, I would like to pay my and that of the Board of Trustees our sincere thanks that we receive to support our work as the Board of Trustees from our CEO, Caroline Gumble, our Chief Operating Officer, Joanna Quirk, our CIOB Assist Manager, Emma McKay, and all of the CIOB senior management team and support staff – without their incredible support we would not be able to operate.

I would also like to thank the current Board of Trustees for the support that they give to me as Chair.

 Peter Smith FCIOB