Celebrating 30 years of assisting our members and their families when they need a helping hand.

I am so grateful to CIOB Assist for the financial support I received when I was at the lowest point in my life. I recently migrated with my family to Canada, with no employer willing to take a chance on me due to my lack of local experience. I started my professional review and with rapidly decreasing funds, I reached out to the institute for financial aid and CIOB Assist came through for us and within a month of securing my Chartership I landed a job as a construction manager.

I was not only helped personally, but also my son, in what was an incredibly stressful, upsetting family situation. When I called CIOB Assist I cried, I sobbed, I chatted and the understanding, care, professionalism and support I received from just that alone was not only such a relief but also exactly what I needed. 

Thank you, and I appreciate the support and friendliness of this whole process, it has been a delight, and a blessing.

I am grateful to CIOB Assist for encouraging me and offering tremendous support. I appreciate all you have done.

I was surprised at the amount of support that could be offered to me and my family and would never have known this if I hadn’t called. We accepted the support we felt we needed the most and are so very grateful we had the opportunity to do this. The support we were given was incredibly helpful. It may have taken me a while ask for help but now I wouldn’t hesitate if I ever needed to do so again. I am just so very thankful to CIOB Assist for being there for me.

When you reach out it really is amazing to find that there are so many people that have gone through or are going through similar situations. I realise now absolutely no one’s life is perfect and asking for help was the best thing I ever did.

I cannot thank the CIOB enough for this, it is inspiring that in the current climate the organisation continues to go above and beyond expectations and help their members.
Thank you, the CIOB, and please thank the Trustees! We will never forget this!

CIOB Assist

Every year, hundreds of members find themselves facing unexpected challenges. It can be anyone from early career starters to retirees, and as diverse as health issues to financial concerns. And without someone to turn to, their future is uncertain. Which is why we believe in the power of our community to protect our community.